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April 21, 2014

So it’s been just over a week since Eve left for Canadia on her elective.


This is an artist’s impression of Eve, my girlfriend.

It’s not the first time that either of us have been away from the other. Various firms have carried us out of London, especially in this final year of medical school. But they have always been relatively short. Three weeks tops. She’s going to be gone for another seven weeks. I knew I’d miss her – I usually do – but I didn’t know it was going to be so hard so soon.


Yeah, it’s not like this at all. We don’t even have hardwood floors.

It doesn’t help that, on this long Easter weekend, everyone else cleared out of the house, compounding my solitude. I got things; finished a few TV series and a videogame (that stuff counts, dammit!) but it’s just been so quiet. And I notice, It’s not Hannah or either Laura I miss, but solely Eve.

Life without Eve is boring. It’s like riding a tandem bike by yourself. I’m nothing without my Player 2.

I’m doing OK though. I only miss her when I’m awake now. Also, Skype – this is the first time I have a legitmate reason to use Skype and it is a wonderful thing.

Was I this pathetic before? If I were, then a TARDIS full of time-travel paradoxes would be worth it just to give myself a slap. But, no, I wasn’t this pathetic before I met Eve. Ignorance is truly bliss! Before Eve, I didn’t know what this sense of…incompleteness could feel like. It’s horrible.


Yep, this is what it feels like right now.

Kids, don’t love. Don’t let your guard down and let someone in to your life. Don’t let them get comfortable and take up residency in your heart. Don’t depend on them daily. Then, when they go, you won’t miss them like a kidney. Remain self-possessed, an island unto yourself. That way, you’ll never need a transplant for a broken heart. That way, you’ll never be left like a puppet with its string cut. That way, you’ll never know what life is like in Co-Op mode. That way you’ll never know what it’s like to have a friend, coach, counsellor and partner-in-crime all rolled into one wonderfully unique ginger owly girl.

Apologies for the long, soppy post. This has been, and will always be, my therapy.

Seven weeks to go!

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