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Clegg Musings

April 18, 2014

This has been the first week of my elective as an intern in the offices of the British Medical Journal. In fact, more than an intern – I am a Clegg Scholar. I have earned this position…somehow.

I’ve been looking forward to this internship for a long time. My recent run of misfortune has only heightened my anticipation for it…despite not actually knowing what I would be doing. Now that a week has gone by…I’m still not sure what I’m doing.

I spent most of Monday alternately trying to settle in and tweeting about tea. They gave me my own desk! It’s woefully undercluttered compared to everyone else’s but I will attempt to remedy that in the next eight weeks. Some kind people introduced themselves but their names passed straight through my head and fell onto the floor. Must try harder.

Tuesday, I did research. Proper journalistic scouring of the internet. And the consensus was that it probably will contribute to an article. Not an article written by me, but definitely an article. Tuesday was also first time I failed to get an ID card.

Wednesday and things got real. Meetings. Many meetings. Meetings about meetings. Before now, I had wondered what everyone else was doing in the office. What do people actually do in an office? Having spent the past six years running about hospitals, I’ve got a pretty good grasp on what medical students do (and a rough sketch of what doctors do) but “the office” is an entirely foreign concept. But meetings, I have observed, are very important. There were a lot of important people – couldn’t help but feel intimidated – and they noticed me! Important people but nice. I remain my awkward self.

Thursday, they gave me the keys to the Social Media in a move that could very be my apotheosis. That, or I become the WaterstonesOxfordSt of the Student BMJ. Finally, I have a legitimate reason to use Twitter during work hours. Because today is a bank holiday, everyone was forced to finish early yesterday. I think it was also mandatory to go to the pub afterwards.

Finally after a week, I have infiltrated their number. They have accepted me as one of their own!


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