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To The Future!: Volume II

January 1, 2013

It seemed like such an appropriate way to a blog post (and blog!) last year that I decided to steal revive it anew for 2013.

2012 was quite a year. I jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet. I ran (some of the way) a half-marathon. I completed an intercalated degree in pharmacology, with first class honours no less. These are the headlines but the finer print details are still important. I’ve made new friends and kept old ones. I’ve tried new things. I even like to think I’ve learnt a thing or two.

When I started this blog, I didn’t intend to fill it with review of films, books and video games that I have consumed over the year. However, I am glad I did. For lack of anything else to write about (RE: My boring life), these reviews have kept me disciplined about keeping a blog and have kept my writing muscles supple. For the new year, expect more of the same and maybe some more fiction, with the likes of Houseman and Sounderajah.

For 2013, what resolution can I make? I’ve something in my head, something vague about being healthier. My mother is on the cusp of being diagnosed with diabetes and the dentist nearly found a cavity in my last check-up. Not exactly a dramatic backstory but enough to shake me out of complacency. For the first three weeks of January at least.

So, roughly, I’m going to cut down on the sweets and chocolates, since that nearly-a-cavity is joined by a company of sweet teeth. I’m also going to cut down on the alcohol. I’ve never been a big drinker (my previous housemates have mocked me for it) and I was already drinking less in the second half of last year. I intend to continue that trend into 2013. I don’t really like alcohol; it makes me morose.

As well as eating better, I need to get back to the gym! In a repeat of 2011, the tail-end of 2012 saw my attendance tail-off as other matters crowded for my attention. I cycle mostly everywhere but I really want to push the envelope for the long-distance running. (Push the envelope? What does that mean?!) If I get the chance, I want to do another half-marathon this year, now that I’ve got a time to beat.

And I say this one every year but I want to write more. Finishing up the latest Houseman and Sounderajah story reminded me how much I enjoy the pure creative process. But there is so little time for it! Why did no one tell me medicine was so time-consuming?! But once again, I will endeavour to write more. Write more, dammit!

ImageThis photo may help.

The reverse of this is that I also want to read more. That’s just because books just great! Given the literary load that was delivered unto me for Christmas, I will not be short of material. Expect reviews in due course.

2013 – Hit me with your best shot!

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